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Located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, ITI designs and manufactures oil field trailers and truck bodies, and over the road trailers and truck bodies. All of our trailers and truck bodies are held to the highest standards of quality and durability. Moreover, we can customize your truck or trailer to suit your operation regardless of whether you need one or one hundred.

From the largest dump trailer to the smallest tag along, we never compromise when it comes to craftsmanship. We always use the most trusted parts because our mission is to make sure you get the best truck body or oil field truck trailer possible. ITI Trailers and Truck Bodies will stand the test of time thanks to our emphasis on durability and usability.

Oilfield Truck Oilfield Trucks & Trailers:
Our oil field trucks and trailers are built to get the job done under the toughest conditions.
12 Volt Electric Valve Heater 12 Volt Electric Valve Heater
ITI offers an electric valve heater for use on trucks and trailers to prevent pipes and valves from freezing .
Vacuum Tank Truck Vacuum Trucks & Trailers:
Our vacuum trucks and trailers maximize load capacity while minimizing the time it takes to get the job done.
Stake Bodies Stake Bed Bodies:
From versatile aluminum bodies to highly specialized brush trucks, we custom build stake bed bodies for all applications.
Dump Bodies & Trailers Dump Bodies & Trailers:
Making the unloading process as efficient as possible, we offer a range of dump bodies and trailers for your operation.
Flatbed Trailers Steel Flatbed Trailers:
We have a variety of over the road flatbed trailers to help you transport everything from the largest loads to the smallest.
Oilfield Equipment Oilfield Equipment:
From dog houses to frac tanks, we offer the highest quality oil field equipment to make your job as easy as possible.
Truck Parts & Service Parts & Service:
ITI not only manufactures trailers and truck bodies, we also provide complete service and parts for most every truck and trailer.
Truck & Trailer Trade Shows Trade Show & Events Schedule:
Visit ITI Trailers and Truck Bodies at an upcoming trades show or event. Click to view our schedule.
Custom Metal Fabrication Custom Metal Fabrication:
Our experience in metal fabrication and welding allows us to offer a complete range of custom metal fabrication services and capabilities.

For more information about our trailers, truck bodies and oilfield trucks and vacuum trucks
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