Vacuum Tank Trailers

Vacuum Tank Trailers
When it is time to step up to a fifth wheel design, our vacuum tank trailers offer the most load space available. For those large jobs when a truck just won’t do, from caustic, to residual waste, to chemicals, the vacuum trailer is designed to handle the most serious laods without compromise. Longer and sturdier than a vacuum truck, the trailer offers more capacity for larger projects.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Tank Trailer

Primarily designed for over the road work, our vacuum tank trailers take advantage of light weight components to maximize load capacity while maintaining a smooth ride without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Of course, if the standard design doesn’t suit you we are always willing to customize. Whether you prefer steel to aluminum or need a longer trailer for particularly large operations, we are prepared to meet your request. When it comes to vacuum tank trailers, no project is too large or too small for ITI.

You can always count on us to deliver a trailer that meets the highest standards of quality. From bumper to bumper we use only the most trusted parts to ensure a durable vacuum tank trailer that will outlast the competition. ITI also pays close attention to usability. We make sure that our trailers are as efficient as possible in order to make sure that every job goes smoothly.

For more information about our Vacuum Tank Trailers or to contact a representative about your specific needs, please call us at 888-634-0080 or click here to contact us online.
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